10 Cayman banknote 2001


Please look at the banknote carefully because this is the bill you will receive. It’s hard to judge UNC, AU, VF… so all images are real, not edited or using an app to take them.

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A close-up image of a banknote featuring a portrait of the Queen. The banknote is white with intricate blue designs, including circles and stars. The Queen’s image is prominently displayed in the center of the note.

The text on the banknote reads “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority” and “This note is legal tender for One Dollar.” There are additional details such as serial numbers, denominations, and the year of issuance (2001). The overall color scheme of the banknote includes shades of white, blue, and gray. The design is elegant and detailed, showcasing the currency of the Cayman Islands.


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