Who invented the font on Euro banknotes?

Euros in circulation are so famous not only for their value but also for the beauty designed on those bills. When you hold it in your hand, do you ever think who invented the font used on those bills?

See how some of these famous fonts came to be and the designers who took the bold steps to create what would go on to change our visual world.

Designed by: Adrian Frutiger

Typeface style: sans-serif

Origins: 1974Frutiger, a Swiss designer, was commissioned by the United States’ Mergenthaler Linotype foundry. The company wanted a print version of the Roissy typeface he created for signage at the new Charles deGaulle airport in Paris. Frutiger believed the font had clarity and “nudity” due to it’s lack of additional features.

Claims to fame: The official font for many colleges and universities, including Claremont McKenna CollegeCornell University, and the University of Southern California, among others. Featured on signage for public transit systems Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Amtrak and Sydney’s CityRail. Frutiger’s most notable might be considered its placement on the official Euro notes of the European Union.

Information from 99designs

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