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Guernsey – Matching serial number 000040

Guernsey – Referring to this territory, everyone knows that this is a colony of Great Britain and ruled by the queen. And the fact that today Guernsey is still a British colony despite many of the territories that were once British colonies declared independence. This set of Guernsey banknotes of mine is a matching set, […]

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10000 Tögrög – Mongolia commemorative 2021

It’s excellent because Mongolia is a rare country to print commemorative coins to commemorate national events. In the history of the formation of the modern Mongolian nation, Mongolia has only printed two commemorative notes: the 20,000 Tögrög note in 2006 and the 10,000 Tögrög note in 2021. This is a banknote that is overprinted with […]

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Lativa – Vision 2022

Passion is always the driving force to motivate not only me but everyone, who is passionate about collecting banknotes to constantly upgrade their collection. My goal in 2022 will be to finish the Lativa banknote collection. Latvia Facts Latvia is a country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. Its landscape is marked by […]