ColourShift security thread

Bright and versatile: ColourShift security thread changes color when it is turned in your hand, and – in combination with counterfeit features that can also be integrated – it provides individual and effective protection. The wide selection of colors, transparent cleartext, and the ColourFix option make it a particularly variable and cost-efficient security feature.

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Security Threads Topic

Striking security features enable fast and discreet authentication. With our ColourShift security thread, this is achieved through a simple turn of the wrist. Its wide color palette and diverse features make it an outstanding security feature that can also be seamlessly integrated into existing banknote designs – which is particularly relevant for security upgrades in banknotes.

Our ColourShift threads always feature unique information in transmitted light, both on liquid-crystal and Thinfilm technology. Individual design features such as the banknote denomination or central bank initials, can be highlighted in the thread using completely transparent demetalized text.

In addition, the ColourShift thread can be combined with various covert security features. These include UV fluorescence (monochrome, combinations, rainbow fluorescence), covert information for polarization filters (pole) and the magnetism enabling straightforward yes/no recognition, and even complex codes (MultiCode™).

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Security at a glance

  • color shift: clear effects in a wide color scale, harmoniously integrated into the banknote design or deliberately contrasting
  • color reference: clear comparison between variable (ColourShift) and fixed (ColourFix) areas
  • demetalization: transparent characters make the thread unique and authentic
  • scalable security: machine-readable features such as magnetism, conductivity, and elements for UV and polarized light increase diversity


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