Bird image on the 1985 New Zealand 1 dollar bill

In my collection on the subject of birds, perhaps the 1 New Zealand Dollar bill is my favorite not only because it is precious but because the design of the Fantail bird on the back is very beautiful. Let’s learn about this bird with me. !

The fantail is one of New Zealand’s most famous birds, with its distinctive tan tail and skilled song. Its wide distribution and habitat preferences, including well-maintained urban parks and gardens, mean that it is frequently encountered by most people.

The fantail is one of the few native forest birds that has coped quite well with the widespread conversion of primary lowland forest to agricultural land. However, once nested, eggs and chicks are not immune from infection by mammals, especially ship rats.

The animals mainly feed on small invertebrates, such as caterpillars, flies, beetles and spiders. Large prey is subdued by being held in a tightly cooked leg and then repeatedly pecked. . Inedible parts, such as the wings, are often discarded before the rest is eaten. The small fruit is sometimes eaten when the season is difficult to obtain.

During the breeding season, the Fantail searches for territory, chasing away females with chattering calls. While the female remains on or near her territory during the non-breeding season, immature males occasionally gather in male schools where prey is available. In nice, warm weather expect food from the bottom up to the canopy, and even above the canopy. Given their small size and vulnerability to cold weather, it is not surprising that they sometimes congregate in large numbers, sitting closely together in an enclosed compartment, including in sheds and garages.

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