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Haiti Matching Serial Number set 2004

Matching numbers with a set of banknotes is amazing to see them. Not easier than other countries, Haiti is not too difficult but not too easy to find a set of banknotes with the same serial number. Fortunately, I managed to find myself a set of Haitian currency from 25 gourdes to 500 gourdes denomination. […]

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Costa Rica circulates new notes

The Central American country of Costa Rica has just announced that it will officially circulate 1,000 and 10,000 new Colon on polymer materials. Specifically from the announcement of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, from October 15, 2021, the above two sheets will officially circulate. With the introduction of the two polymer banknotes, Costa Rica […]

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10000 Tögrög – Mongolia commemorative 2021

It’s excellent because Mongolia is a rare country to print commemorative coins to commemorate national events. In the history of the formation of the modern Mongolian nation, Mongolia has only printed two commemorative notes: the 20,000 Tögrög note in 2006 and the 10,000 Tögrög note in 2021. This is a banknote that is overprinted with […]

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Banknote verification using 3D profilometry techniques

New sensor systems are being developed to scan banknote security features such as holographic patterns, ink fluorescence, watermarks, microprinting, and intaglio patterns. Currency counterfeiting victimizes governments, individuals, and corporations. In recent years, technological advances in printing have allowed counterfeiters to improve their product while making the identification of forged currency more challenging. The situation is […]