10000 Tögrög – Mongolia commemorative 2021

It’s excellent because Mongolia is a rare country to print commemorative coins to commemorate national events. In the history of the formation of the modern Mongolian nation, Mongolia has only printed two commemorative notes: the 20,000 Tögrög note in 2006 and the 10,000 Tögrög note in 2021.

This is a banknote that is overprinted with the 10,000-denomination note circulated on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Revolution. The front of the banknote has the image of King Chinggis Khaan. Besides, spark technology is printed on the right side of the bill.

 Chinggis Khaan

On the back of the bill is the Sukhe Bataar, “Drinking Fountain” at Chinggis Khan’s court as well as the Mongolian commemorative inscription. Sorry, I can’t read these words, I will update if I find their meaning.

My note.
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