100 Piso Philippines year 2020


Please look at the banknote carefully because this is the bill you will receive. It’s hard to judge UNC, AU, VF… so all images are real, not edited or using an app to take them.

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The image you’ve provided is of a 100 Philippine peso banknote. The banknote features a combination of purple and other colors, with various security features and design elements.

On the left side of the banknote, there is a large number “100” with a microprint pattern inside the digits, and below it, the year “2020” is printed. To the right of the number, there is a portrait of a man, who is an important figure in Philippine history. Surrounding the portrait are intricate patterns and designs that are typical of currency notes to prevent counterfeiting.

The center of the banknote has the text “REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS” (Republic of the Philippines) at the top, followed by the country’s coat of arms, which includes a shield with a sun and stars, and a lion and eagle on either side. Below the coat of arms, there is a signature and the title “Pangulo ng Pilipinas” (President of the Philippines), and another signature with the title “Tagapangasiwa ng Bangko Sentral” (Governor of the Central Bank).

On the right side of the banknote, there is a clear window with a holographic patch that includes the logo of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) and a watermark area with a shadow image. The serial number of the banknote is printed in two locations on this side.


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