5 Cayman banknote 1996


Please look at the banknote carefully because this is the bill you will receive. It’s hard to judge UNC, AU, VF… so all images are real, not edited or using an app to take them.

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The image you’ve provided is of a five-dollar banknote from the Cayman Islands. The banknote has a horizontal layout and features a mix of colors, predominantly green, with intricate patterns and designs.

On the left side of the banknote, there are decorative elements including a stylized sea turtle and a shell, both with the denomination “$5” incorporated into the design. The serial number “B 155377” is printed in black ink above these elements.

In the center of the banknote, the text “Cayman Islands Currency Board” is printed, indicating the issuing authority. Below this, the phrase “This note is legal tender for Five Dollars” establishes the note’s value. The coat of arms of the Cayman Islands is displayed, featuring a shield with three stars representing the islands and a turtle above the shield. The motto “HE HATH FOUNDED IT UPON THE SEAS” is inscribed below the coat of arms. The denomination “Five Dollars” is written in a bold, green font, and the signature of the Chairman of the Currency Board is present, indicating authorization.

On the right side of the banknote, there is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, signifying the Cayman Islands’ connection to the British monarchy. The portrait is detailed, showing the Queen wearing a tiara and necklace. To the right of the portrait, there are more decorative elements, including a conch shell and a stylized fish, both incorporating the “$5” denomination symbol.

The bottom left corner of the banknote indicates that it is from the “1996 Series” and is issued under the “Cayman Islands Currency Law, (Revised).” The banknote’s design includes various security features, such as watermarks and intricate guilloche patterns, which are standard in currency design to prevent counterfeiting. The overall design reflects elements of the Cayman Islands’ natural heritage and its British colonial history.


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