Countries have 200,000 denominations bill in the 21st century

Tiếng Việt: Những quốc gia có mệnh giá 200.000 ở thế kỷ 21 to take a look at this 21st century starting from 2000 until now, is there any country that circulates or has ever circulated currency with a 200,000 denominations bill in the 21st century?

With a face value of 200,000 VND, Vietnam ranks among the top countries with the highest denominations in circulation. Currently, the VND 200,000 bill is the second-highest denomination in monetary circulation after the VND 500,000 bill. The 200,000VND denomination note was circulated on August 30, 2006, so up to now, the legal value of this note is still there and has existed for 12 years.

– Location: Second in circulating currency
– Legal status: In circulation
– Issue date: August 30, 2006
– Name: Dong

This southern European country is experiencing a period of economic transformation with outstanding achievements in the past years in this 21st century. Belarus’s 200,000 ruble denomination is the highest denomination in the second series of currencies issued in 2000. However, by 2015, Belarus has replaced the new currency with the third generation since its inception.

– Position: Highest value in the 2nd series issued in 2000
– Legal status: Stopped in circulation
– Release date: March 12, 2012
– Name: Ruble

Mozambique, this African country contributes to the 200,000 denominations in circulation in this 21st century. The 200,000 denomination ranks second in its save currency system. However, in 2006 the country changed its shortened currency to its numbers.

– Location: Second in circulating currency
– Legal status: Stopped in circulation
– Release date: July 16, 2003
– Name: Meticais

Zimbabwe – This hyperinflationary African country used to have 100 billion to 100 trillion denominations in this 21st century. However, it is a strange thing that of all my hyperinflation series, only the 2007 bearer check series has a face value of 200,000. In this 2007 bearer check series, the highest denomination was 750,000 and the lowest was 5,000.

– Position: 3rd place in 2007 bearer check series
– Legal status: Stopped in circulation
– Issue date: December 31, 2008
– Name: Dollars

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