Which is the most beautiful banknote in the series: 2007-2008 “Chiremba Rocks” of Zimbabwe?

Do you remember that in 2007 – 2008, the African country called Zimbabwe had an economic crisis leading to hyperinflation. In particular, printed money has the largest denomination of 100 trillion dollars and the lowest denomination of 1 dollar. However, in the series called 2007-2008 “Chiremba Rocks” Regular Issue, the $1,000 denomination is the most interesting and my favorite note.

1. The first thing I like the most is the paper material and size of this bill.

1,000 is the last denomination to use good paper material to print money like previous denominations in this series. Because the printing paper material is very good, the embossed ink is also very clear and easy to feel by hand. In addition, this 1,000 dollar note size is the largest in the 2007-2008 “Chiremba Rocks” Regular Issue series. With a size of 155 × 79 mm, the bill is neither too small nor too large, it feels just right when held in the hand.

The ink is embossed and easy to feel by hand

2. Security Thread

This is the second factor that I like about this 1,000-dollar denomination. The security threads have the widest size in the series 2007-2008 “Chiremba Rocks” Regular Issue. When looking straight at the security threads, you will see the image of Chiremba Rocks as well as effects similar to the 3D effect of modern technology Galaxy® Security Threads. When you hold the bill under the light, the security threads will display the words RBZ and the number 1,000. It can be said that this was modern technology for security threads at that time.

The ssecurity thread is very wide

3. Color of the note

The banknote is truly attractive because the main color of the banknote is yellow. Because of the yellow color, the banknote becomes more beautiful and attractive than other bills in the same series.

Source: Mybanknotes.net

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  1. Mehdi says:

    I also really like large bills like this as well as bright colors, not just yellow but also blue, pink…

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