Discover 500 Dollars Brunei

The new $500 has an interesting feature. It is the only note that will not have the picture of our current ruler, His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah. Instead it will be the picture of the late His Majesty Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien will be on it. This in itself is fairly unique as it is very unusual to have a deceased ruler on a current banknote.

The features on the new notes are as follows (follow the numbering on the notes):-

1. The red motif based on the design of the reverse of Brunei 5 cent coin has been shaped into a flower to form a clear window. The window pattern alternates between pink and gold when viewed at different angles.

2. The initial HB500 can be seen when viewing through the small transparent window to a point light source.

3. The crest of Brunei Darussalam is printed in vibrant red ink on a gold flower shaped patch of 16 petals.

4. The serial numbers are printed both vertically and horizontally in fonts of varying sizes.

5. When the note is held up to the light, two solid leaves are formed through the combination of printing on both sides of the note.

6. The shadow image of His Majesty’s potrait and initial “HB” will appear when the banknote is held up to the light.

7. A gold patch with the numeral 500.

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