Guernsey – Matching serial number 000040

Guernsey – Referring to this territory, everyone knows that this is a colony of Great Britain and ruled by the queen. And the fact that today Guernsey is still a British colony despite many of the territories that were once British colonies declared independence.

This set of Guernsey banknotes of mine is a matching set, the serial number is the same 000040. This is my passion when I see bills with the same number. It’s magical and fascinating, isn’t it?

Here, let’s take a look at the whole set of banknots. It’s colorful, isn’t it?

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Long Tran

Your collection is impressive. How many notes do you own?

Asfa Mahda

How did you find them? I am also a Queen fan, my collection is about Queen.


Thank you for sharing, your collection is great. Guernsey is still a British colony.


I also have this set, but mine doesn’t have the same number as yours.


Can you recommend a dealer to sell? Also interested in it. Thanks.


40 – The number is also impressive as it is a low number.