How many kinds of watermarks are on banknotes?

The watermark on banknotes is nothing new to everyone. They have been used for hundreds of years and are considered the first and longest-lasting anti-counterfeit technology used on banknotes. So do you know how many types of watermarks there are on money?

Multitone Cylinder Mould Watermarks

Sophisticated technology for reliable authenticity checks. Louisenthal R&D specialists and engineers excel in their mastery of sophisticated cylinder mold technologies. These ensure the papermaking machine deposits paper fibers in different densities during manufacture. Together with gradual transitions between the various areas, the process results in an attractive three-dimensional effect with multiple nuances of light and shade embedded in the paper – as shown here with the lion’s head – and that makes counterfeiting extremely difficult.

Pixel Watermarks

Attractive, high-security designs

What are pixel watermarks exactly? They’re comprised of a regular or irregular matrix of dark-coloured dots on a light background, as you can see here in the silhouette of Africa. You can choose the shape of the light background and have it form part of the design by echoing the main watermark motif. The result: our pixel watermarks are extremely difficult for forgers to copy, yet give designers free rein for their creativity and can reproduce the tiniest details in, say, a portrait photo or original artwork.

Highlight Watermarks

Let the light shine in

Highlight watermarks are very effective for portraying the value of a banknote denomination or specific design elements. When held up to the light, numbers or characters appear as accentuated elements within the watermark design. Highlight watermarks are created during papermaking by reducing the paper thickness to produce very light areas that increase the visibility of particular design elements. A good example is the lettering of the word Africa within the watermark.



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