Gemini™ with SPARK® – Security through design and combined technologies

De La Rue is a leading provider of sophisticated products and services that keep nations, their economies and their populations secure. At the forefront of cash supply chain management and security, De La Rue is a trusted partner of governments, central banks and commercial organisations around the globe. De La Rue is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LON: DLAR).

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Gemini™ – Strong, dependable security for cash-handling professionals

Preventing the counterfeit of banknotes relies on the integration of several features and technologies to deliver public recognition, machine readability, and specific security features for cash handling professionals. Gemini™ integrates a sophisticated ultra-violet (UV) security feature for cash-handling professionals with an aesthetically pleasing visual design. By using two UV inks that appear as one color under normal lighting conditions but as two colors under UV illumination, Gemini™ creates a significant technology barrier.

Having recently enhanced this feature to deliver three additional design variants alongside the standard offering; Gemini™ – Blocks, Gemini™ – Lines, and Gemini™ – Microtext. By adding in further complexity to the print technique, De La Rue has made it even more difficult for fraudsters to try and reproduce while also providing additional elements for checking when authenticating the note. As of October 2017, Gemini™ has been chosen by 48 Central banks in over 185 denominations.

Gemini™ design variants under UV illumination

SPARK® – The creative way to optical security

SPARK® Origin and SPARK® Live create highly visible and intuitive public recognition features that are simple to authenticate by the public and easy to communicate for issuing authorities. The use of exclusive OVMI® ink systems creates high resolution effects that can be customised to maximise design integration. SPARK® security features have been specified by over 68 issuing authorities in over 210 denominations.

SPARK® design variants

NEW Gemini™ with SPARK® – Combined security through design excellence

Within the cash and banking industry there has been much research on how members of the public and other cash handlers authenticate the banknote. This research has indicated that by grouping security features and linking them through design themes the process of authentication is made easier.

De La Rue’s continuous development of its design methodology and expert understanding of the market place has led to the development of new techniques that combine the cash handling security of Gemini™ with the public recognition of SPARK®. Integrating these two already highly secure and complex effects has been successful in generating even greater counterfeit resilience while also delivering a highly aesthetic and unique result. This new combinational feature is available to be printed on either paper substrates or polymers.


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