Jordan banknotes 1992 – 1993: Beauty from the Middle East

Jordan, a country from Asia. Although not a large country, Jordan operates an extraordinary economy with a very high exchange rate to the US dollar.

Owning a set of Jordan banknotes is not easy but not too much. The problem lies in the exchange rate. According to, the exchange rate approaching October 19 is 1 Jordanian Dinar to 1.41 US dollars. So the value of the money set won’t be cheaper either, and that makes people consider the cost issue.

In my opinion, the 1992 – 1993 money sets are considered elegant with light, beautiful, and colorful colors. The front eye of the note is printed with the image of the ruler of this country, King Hussein II.

The back of this set of banknotes is quite interesting. Images of cultural, historical sites, and long-standing constructions were put on the back of his banknotes by Jordan. They are beautiful and impressive as well as a way to spread the country’s heritage.

Now my joy overflowed because it was in my hands. This 1992 – 1993 Jordan banknotes set is amazing.

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