Poland: New 20-złoty commemorative note

The National Bank of Poland plans to introduce 80,000 20-złoty banknotes commemorating Lech Kaczyński with the theme “It is Worth Being a Pole” on 9 November 2021.

BNP825 (PNL): 20 złotych (US$5)
Orange, blue, red, brown, and black. Front: Polish text; medal; coat of arms with crowned eagle; shield with crowned eagle; Lech Kaczyński; building as registration device. Back: Polish text; building; Warsaw Rising Museum tower with flag; SPARK Live bell; cranes and crowds in Gdańsk shipyard during Solidarity movement; three hands flashing V symbol with fingers; coin with crowned eagle. Windowed security thread with demetalized NBP. Watermark: Eagle and electrotype 20. Printer: (Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych). 150 x 77 mm. Paper. 

a. 10 kwietnia 2021. Sig. 19: Glapinski/Unknown.
Prefix LK. 80,000 notes. Intro: Expected 09.11.2021.

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The design of Poland’s money is increasingly confusing.