Review Georgia 2016 – 2017 under UV light

When I first received Georgia banknote seri 2016 – 2017, I was surprised by its beauty. Designed with a modern, elegant style, beautiful colors and security elements of the money bill really satisfied the viewers’ eyes.

Then I thought, what would it be like to give this money under UV light? And so, I brought this money under the UV lamp, their hidden beauty really mesmerized the viewers. Of course, you will not be disappointed. Georgia has designed a really nice set of money. Let’s visit admire its beauty.

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Garry Saint, Esquire

Hi Cruzo,

I want to compliment you on your nice website and wish you good luck on your banknote adventure.

I have been publishing a non-commercial world banknote website ( for almost 20 years and I too have learned a lot and have made many nice friends over the years.

My only question is the banknote holders you are selling for $1,000,000.00?