6 banknotes showing Queen Elizabeth’s age through the ages

Queen Elizabeth is always a hot topic for many collectors to pay attention to. The appearance of the person on the bill not only shows authority and power but is a portrait art, hidden behind the connotations of each period in which she appears. Below is a summary of 15 banknotes from representative countries showing the age progression of childhood to the present.

1.  Canada, 20 Dollars at 8 years old

This is the first banknote to have the Queen’s image printed on paper money. This banknote is considered to be the longest-running banknote that the United Kingdom has printed with the Queen’s image. At that time, Princess Elizabeth was positioned to replace her father when he ascended the throne as King George VI to replace his brother, King Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936. In 1935, the British royal family printed 20 Canadian Dollar denominations of money. grandma picture. Is this some hint of a stepping stone later on?

2 Canadian, 1 dollar at age 25

The Queen’s portrait was printed on the 1954, 1954 – 1987 series of Canadian banknotes and the 1967 commemorative note, taken by a Canadian photographer a year before she ascended the throne.

3. Jamaica, 1 pound at 26 years old

At this time, she was crowned king, officially Queen of England and protector of England throughout the world. At this time, Jamaica was still a British colony, so they also exchanged money with her image on it. She was 26 years old at that time.

4  Mauritius, 5 rupees at 29 years old

At this time, Mauritius was still a British colony, a small archipelago located in Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. This painting is based on a 1950 painting displayed in London.

5 Cayman Islands, 100 Dollars She is 34 years old at this time

A chain of small islands located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, now a British colony with the Queen as head of state. This series is engraved with a portrait of her when she was 34 years old. She looked very beautiful at this time and this is my favorite portrait model when she was in her youth.

6 Australia, 1 dollar when she was 38 years old

This is the portrait I dislike the most among her portraits. With this portrait, she does not look gentle, it seems she is angry or dissatisfied with something, thereby not revealing her soft, seductive worldly beauty.

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