1997 Cayman banknote set under UV lamp

Today, Mybanknotes.net would like to introduce to readers the 1997 Cayman banknote series under an ultraviolet lamp. With sharp patterns, the banknote becomes even more sparkling when exposed to ultraviolet light, revealing the mysteries underneath the bill.

Let’s see it!

The Cayman Islands dollar was introduced in 1972 (10 years after separation from the colony of Jamaica), replacing the existing Jamaican dollar at par. The currencies of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands remained equal and legally convertible until August 1, 1972, when Jamaica became independent and the currencies were then disconnected. The Cayman dollar has been pegged to the Cayman dollar = 1.2 USD since 1 April 1974 when the 1974 currency law was enacted. In 1983, the 1974 Act was repealed and replaced by the Currency Amendment Act, which was also replaced in 1997 and 2013, with the provision: The value of the Cayman dollar is to be determined by the Governor of the archipelago.

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