The international relationship

The international relationship

This was a beautiful day at night. Suddenly, a person who chatted with me when I was online on my facebook profile. “Hi, nice to meet you, are you a collector?”, he said. After that, I didn’t care because many times, many strangers on facebook wanted to chat with me. I didn’t answer… close the chatting box.

The next few days later, the guy who chatted me before buzz me again, and this time I watched he typed to me. “Hi brother, my name is Maksud, I’m from Bangladesh, do you want to swap banknote together?”, he typed. “No bro, thanks. I just only buy and I don’t have more extra to swap with you, I am sorry”. After that, he still said with me: It’s ok, no problem but we can share together our collection, and I happy to do this. I said: Of course bro. Our talking was about one hour, we talk about what kind of banknote do you like? how many sets did you get? And..bla bla bla.

One day, I received my envelope from Norway. This is a big envelope I used to buy from the seller on eBay. More than 120 banknotes I got and of course, I had more extra to swap with another mate. I buzz him when I saw him online on his facebook. “Hi bro, I have many banknotes for swap, many extras… do you want?”. This time, I could feel he was happy because he answered me quickly. “Yes, of course, please show me what notes do you have today?”. We opened the webcam, I showed him the banknotes I got that day. “Amazing, I don’t have it, can you give me?” , “Oh my god, this note is beautiful…” he said when I showed to him watched my banknotes. Finally, we had a big deal together. The first swap, the first our relationship… I will have Bangladesh full set banknote from him and I gave him more than 10 banknotes.

The second time, the third time… and today we have the fourth times swap together. I think his passion for the banknote is unlimited. And we always share our collection many times in the week. He is a Maksud. The first swapper I traded and we still are a brother.

Maksud Ali picture

The individual scoring scale: (Source:

  • Name: Maksud Ahmed Ali
  • Facebook: Click here
  • Credibility for swap: 10/10
  • Level of intimacy: 8/10
  • How many times swap: 5 times


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