The Banknote Collector Guideline

Hello, my name is Cruzo. I am Vietnamese but now I am living in the United States. I have started collecting banknotes 8 years ago, during the past 8 years, I have learned a lot of experiences and lessons about collecting banknotes. Besides, I have exchanged and met many experienced banknote collectors. Therefore, I am very happy to share with you the information and experiences that I have.

As a beginner collect, interest from the beginning that you need to know the knowledge and tools to assist you to collect. But above all, you need to determine where your passion is, which is very important. It will affect your collection process and the results you will achieve.

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Part 1: Talk about the New Banknote Collector –  Click here For English  or Click here for Vietnamese 

Part 2: How to find Information – Click here For English  or Click here for Vietnamese 

Part 3: Prepare the tool

Part 4: Instructions for protecting money

Part 5: Guide to organizing your album

Part 6: 6 steps for collectors

Part 7: Data library

Author: Cruzo holds the copyright

  • Name: Cruzo Luu
  • Living: California, The USA
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