The Banknote Collector Guideline – Part 1

What do you like?

You are passionate about collecting money, but you need to know what do you like? Because of that, you will be on your trajectory so that you do not waste time and money to collect. I know a few collectors, at first they keep buying, preferring to buy until some time, they realized, so long ago their hobby was American Dollar Collection. So they sold out all of them, they collected US Dollars and you know: Purchase price and Selling price are different. That means you will lose. In short: Determine what do you belong to “Kind of banknote collector”.

What kind of banknote collector is also infinite to say, some people like to collect a beautiful series numbers, some like to collect banknote with only women picture, others like to collect denominations, but some people like to collect everything … So what type of you?

What do you buy?

When determining what you like, then it is easy to determine for you: What do you buy? In order not to waste time, lose money, you should need to define your thoughts when you begin. Often new collector who will buy what is easiest, buy the cheapest thing called BEST BUY. Because, you will learn a lot of experience when you do that, and help you manage your finances, but still satisfy your passion. The slowly upgrade your collection, you will buy more expensive, more expensive than, hard-to-buy others… and of course, that will turn you into an experienced collector.

Where did you buy from?

Where will I buy from? – This is a question for new collectors so that they don’t have to lose money and time. Where do you buy it easily? First, you should go online to find them with some keyword you care about; I promise, the result will show you watch many websites, sellers appear for you buy. But how do you buy banknote to avoid loss of money?
– Buy from reputable people
– Buy from reputable sellers

Prestige is determined by Time, evaluation of people around the seller from which to determine who to buy at a reasonable price. Remember: Cheap is not necessarily good, but prestige is not necessarily high price.

Almost the banknote collector have many ways to buy, but there are two ways to “BUY”, I put the word “BUY” in quotes because of the two forms combined for an easy explanation to you: Buy now and Exchange.

– Buy now: holding money, going to the store or meeting the seller and deal the price, choosing the money you like, and transaction. You did.

– The exchange is a form of purchase but this purchase is special. You exchange with the surplus you have, and your partner needs. Both can exchange together, English call SWAP (SWAP will write another article on this website)

Remember, when you buy or exchange money, you should find, read, research the history of this note. Because, before it printed, it has been may the reason for its existence. Should not buy and buy, you will become an amateur collector. You should become a professional collector.

Ending the first article in the series, I need to close with you: Be a wise collector and always be proud of what you have then your value is better than others.

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