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I came from Vietnam but now I am living in the USA. My country which is Vietnam is very near Indonesia. I used to travel to Indonesia and explored someplace many years ago such as Jarkatar, Bali, Lombok, and Batam. With me, Indonesia is a big country and rich culture, I love their island, I love their culture and the life they live.

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One day, I chatted with a person who comes from Indonesia. He chatted with me after he saw my Thailand collection showed up on my facebook. Also, he is a fan of Ramma IX Banknote too. That time, we became a friend together and sometimes we chat and share our information. May times talked to him, I feel he is a good person, a patient collector and of course, he has a rich passion with the banknote. He said, “I used to collect many banknotes, but it is difficult for me and I sold out all of them. Now, I just focus on collect polymer banknote and Thailand Rama IX too”. So sad when I heard his story but I believe one day, he will become a big collection.

Finally, we had the first trade. We swapped banknotes together. He said, “I will send you first when you receive my envelope, you will send it back to me, right?”. This is a media value swap, no much value but we built a relationship. I gave from him 3 banknotes, he gave from me 2 banknotes. We had a problem with his mail. Before he sent via post office, he sent to me a picture and asked me helped him checked the address. Oh my god, he wrote wrong the address number. He fixed and done. But a big problem we never saw, he still wrote wrong my zip code. It means his mail will return to the original country…

In short, He received my mail, I can fell he was very happy when he can own a lovely banknote. Some days after I requested the USPS about his envelope sent to me the wrong zipcode, I received his notes we swapped. We are a neighbor, we trust together, we share our story, our passion… Thank you so much, Dias Han, you are my closed friend.

The individual scoring scale: (Source: Mybanknotes.net)

  • Name: Dias Han
  • Facebook: Click here
  • Credibility for swap: 10/10
  • Level of intimacy: 8/10

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