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ColourShift security thread

Bright and versatile: ColourShift security thread changes color when it is turned in your hand, and – in combination with counterfeit features that can also be integrated – it provides individual and effective protection....


Zimbabwe introduces new currency

According to Statutory Instrument 60 of 2024, on 5 April 2024, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe unveiled a new family of coins and banknotes denominated in Zimbabwe gold (expressed as ZiG on the notes),...


Galaxy® Security Threads

The Security Threads on banknotes are becoming more and more modern and are no longer just simple wires like in the past. The Security Threads today have been improved with many modern technologies, of...


Kampong Ayer on the Brunei $1,000

In 1989, the Kingdom of Brunei officially circulated $1,000 notes. This is the second largest denomination after the 10,000 Brunei dollar denomination. The front of the banknote shows King Sultan Hassanal-Bolkiah I next to...

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