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Guernsey – Matching serial number 000040

Guernsey – Referring to this territory, everyone knows that this is a colony of Great Britain and ruled by the queen. And the fact that today Guernsey is still a British colony despite many of the territories that were once British colonies declared independence. This set of Guernsey banknotes of mine is a matching set, […]

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Poland: New 20-złoty commemorative note

The National Bank of Poland plans to introduce 80,000 20-złoty banknotes commemorating Lech Kaczyński with the theme “It is Worth Being a Pole” on 9 November 2021. BNP825 (PNL): 20 złotych (US$5)Orange, blue, red, brown, and black. Front: Polish text; medal; coat of arms with crowned eagle; shield with crowned eagle; Lech Kaczyński; building as registration device. Back: […]

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Haiti Matching Serial Number set 2004

Matching numbers with a set of banknotes is amazing to see them. Not easier than other countries, Haiti is not too difficult but not too easy to find a set of banknotes with the same serial number. Fortunately, I managed to find myself a set of Haitian currency from 25 gourdes to 500 gourdes denomination. […]